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Refurbished Giant Yard Pong

Refurbished Giant Yard Pong

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Giant Yard Pong is the best giant beer pong game for all of your entertaining needs!  This set is as good as new.  Fully refurbished and everything you need to keep everyone entertained for hours!

This set includes 12 buckets and 2 heavy duty plastic balls that bounce and don't break and look exactly like giant sized solo cups and ping pong balls! Buckets are approximately 9" diameter, 9" tall, and balls are 3.5" diameter.

Our buckets are made with 1.3mm thick plastic that will hold up to anything you throw at them! Our giant pong balls are made with thicker plastic and are much more durable than wiffle balls. Our set provides the exact size ratios for an oversized beer pong set, so you can play your favorite beer pong games exactly as they were meant to be played!

This set also includes instructions and a high-strength nylon carrying case with shoulder strap. Perfect for group events, parties, camping and more.

Giant Yard Pong can be played with 2-4 players consisting of 2 teams. Simply fill the buckets approximately 1/4 full with water, sand, or anything to weigh them down and you're ready for hours of entertainment!

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