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Capsbee Hat Tossing Game

Capsbee Hat Tossing Game

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Capsbee is much more than a bucket hat. Capsbee is the reinvention of the flying disc and the #1 fun game 2022. Throw it up to 30 meters and become addicted to the feeling of catching it with your head. PS: You can catch it with your hands, too!

Capsbee® the flying bucket hat

Capsbee is a perfect combination of bucket hat and frisbee. Highest quality in workmanship, excellent comfort and perfect flying properties.

We rely on a specific material mix and a sophisticated design to meet all these requirements. Design merges with function.


Why Everyone Loves Capsbee®

The hat toss game that everyone wants to play

1. Easy to play

Caspbee is just hat frisbee. It’s anyone’s game. On your own, together or as a team.

2. Safe for kids

You can play Capsbee like frisbee, but it is much safer and more comfortable to catch.

3. Unique feeling

Become better and better until you master catching it with your head.

4. Make new friends

Everyone will marvel at this new way of playing frisbee and wants to join.

5. For all ages

No matter how old you are, you'll love this hat toss game.

6. Perfect gift

Surprise your friends and family with a really unique gift – just unwrap it and start playing.

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