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Collection: Scatter Rules

How to Play Molkky

Scatter starts with all the skittles set up in the following fashion:

Molkky Yard Game Rules: Teams are made up of individual players from two to as many teams as you wish. Throwing line is approximately ten feet away from skittles.

First Player tosses the dowel from the tossing line underhand at the skittles. Tosses can spin in any direction and can be tossed end-over-end, helicopter, or log roll. The object of the first toss is to topple as many skittles as possible. The player is awarded points according to how many skittles were toppled. Skittles must be completely parallel to the ground or they do not count for points.

First player scores 10 points because the ten and the twelve are not completely knocked over. Skittles are set back up where they landed and the next player tosses from the tossing line. Once the skittles start to disperse, players may try and topple individual skittles. Because if a player topples two or more skittles, they are awarded points equaling the amount of skittles toppled (two toppled = two points, three toppled = three points, etc.) If a player knocks over just one skittle, they are awarded the amount of points on the skittle. If a player does not succeed in toppling any skittles in three consecutive tries, they are eliminated from play. Once a player knocks over any amount of skittles, the skittles are set back up in the exact spot they were knocked down and it is the next player's turn.

The object of the game is to get exactly 50 points. If a player exceeds 50 points, they are deducted 25 points and play continues. The first player to get exactly 50 points wins! Now that you know the scatter/skittles game rules, get to buying your molkky set here!