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BulziBucket Tossing Game

BulziBucket Tossing Game

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BULZiBUCKET Next Generation Cornhole - Hacky Sack/Bean Bag Game

BULZiBUCKET- the one and only hacky sack throwing game that offers you three styles to play:

1. Throw it! for the chill guy or gal who doesn't want to get too active.
2. Assist it! For the Semi active sport guy or gal.
3. Hack it! For the crazy active sporty, high energy, coordinated skilled guy or gal.

Something for everyone! And when you're sweating your butt off, take it with you for a dip in the pool and throw another tourney. May the best team win!


How to Play

  • Position BULZiBUCKET targets 12′-15′ apart based on skill level & assign bag colors to teams of 2 players
  • Partners line up on opposite ends. Players alternate throwing until all 3 bags are thrown
  • NOTE: BAG WITH BLACK DOT IS WORTH DOUBLE POINTS, aka the “Bulzi Bag” or “Money Bag”.
  • Use deductive scoring to calculate points for each round, e.g. team A scores 8 and team B scores 5, team A is awarded 3 points.
  • Continue playing until the first team reaches at least 21 points while winning by 2 or more points.

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