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Four Square Pickleball Net and Paddles

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Try something new or stick to what’s true with the Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Net. This innovative set easily transforms from a unique four square paddle game to regulation pickleball in just a few easy steps. With convenient spring clips, you’ll be set up and playing in no time. The perfect addition to sunny days, Four Square Pickleball is ideal for driveways and hard surfaces. This full set includes four wood pickleball paddles, two pickleballs, chalk to mark boundaries, net and metal frame.

  • Triumph 4 Square Pickleball is the ONLY four-square game of its kind. Complete set includes 20’ x 20’ 4 Square net, interlocking metal frame, four wood paddles, two pickleballs, two pcs of chalk, and one carry bag.
  • This innovative game converts into a regulation pickleball net; 20 feet wide, 36 inches tall at the sidelines so you can play like the pros. The pickleball net can also be set to 28” tall for casual play with the kids.
  • The simple interlocking frame design makes it convenient to assemble, transform and break down. Use the chalk to mark the boundaries and you’re ready to play.
  • Can be played on any indoor/outdoor hard surface. The perfect addition to sunny days, 4 Square Pickleball is ideal for driveways, courts and most hard cement surfaces.
  • Trust that Four Square Pickleball is the first and best of its kind with our unique and innovative patent-pending design.