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Penny Basketball Tabletop Game

Penny Basketball Tabletop Game

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Penny basketball game is fast and fun for all ages; you can shoot and score with a simple flick of your finger!  This is a 2-player, face-to-face tabletop basketball game where players alternately flick a penny past plastic 'defenders' to score in their opponent's basket.  The score is kept by moving metal pegs along the side of the board.  The first player to 5 wins!  Includes a smooth, colorful game board with a basketball court depicted on its surface, two metal pegs for scorekeeping, a penny, and directions. The approximate dimensions are 16” x 11” x 1”. Basketball play board game weighs nearly 3 lbs.


  • Handcrafted and made in America!
  • Face-to-face tabletop game with sapele wood veneer around border
  • Children can play against adults in this simple, yet fun game
  • Metal grommets and plastic defenders are attached by hand
  • Metal pegs for keeping score
  • Colorful, smooth playing surface depicting a basketball court
  • Finished with environmentally safe water-based acrylic

Bring back Family Game Night with the Penny Tabletop Basketball Game!

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