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Bottle Bash Flying Disc Toss Beersbee Game Set

Bottle Bash Flying Disc Toss Beersbee Game Set

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Bottle Bash is a Competitive and Fast Paced Flying Disc Game, Team Play or One on One

Play Bottle Bash anywhere! This frisbee bottle game is perfect for backyard fun for the whole family, tailgating, camping trips, the beach, in the water, and even indoor spaces like gymnasiums.

Set-up and pack-up of Bottle Bash is easy and takes less than a minute. Play on a 20, 30, or 40-foot-long court depending on skill level.

Throw the flying disc at your opponent’s bottle and/or pole to score points, the defending team tries to catch the disc and bottle before they hit the ground.

Some of you may know the Bottle Bash beer frisbee game as Poleish or Polish Horseshoes, Frisknock, Flimsee, Beersbee, Poles … Bottle Bash is the original, highest quality, standardized frisbee bottle game set on the market.

Built to Last, Tournament Style Components, Designed to Play Anywhere

Bottle Bash is designed with countless engineering hours, the most rugged plastics, and the highest quality aluminum poles available. Frisbee bottle game set includes the following:

(2) Non-breakable life-like bottles that weigh over 6 ounces

(2) Adjustable aluminum poles for use on sand, in the water, or in grass that will not rust or break under game play

(2) Built-in scoring systems on the poles for convenient game scorekeeping

(2) Detachable ground spikes that allow ultimate flexibility for inserting the poles into a variety of soft surfaces

(2) Detachable pole caps that provide the perfect bottle placement on top of the pole

(1) High-quality tournament style flying disc that weighs 175 grams at 10.5 inches in diameter

(1) Convenient mesh carrying bag to store and transport Bottle Bash along with your essentials



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