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Rolling 3

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We've combined two time-tested yard game favorites, Bocce & Cornhole, to create Rolling 3, a fun, brand new game as your next outdoor activity. Just set up the frame in the yard and you're ready to play!

Players or teams alternate underhand rolls from the start line (approximately 12'-20' away from frame depending on skill level). The middle goal is worth 3 points and the two sides are worth 1 point. The ball must be completely inside the goal to count for points.

After all balls have been thrown by each team, the points are awarded based on the difference of each team's points scored (like cornhole). You can knock your ball in to score, but be careful because you can also knock your opponent's ball in and they will get the points! Keep track of your points on the side frame pieces. The first player or team to score exactly 15 points wins!

Set Includes: the beautifully crafted wood frame, 6 durable bocce balls (3 red, 3 blue), a high-strength carrying tote bag for easy transport, set up instructions and rules of game

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