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Giant Washer Toss


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Our Giant Washer Toss Game Set is the most addictive new tossing game on the market! This original is sure to be a hit at your next event. It's backyard washer toss with a GIANT twist.

Get the new outdoor washer toss game set that is bigger and better! These Giant Washers or Flatz are made in the USA of solid steel. Play the same as regular washers, but bigger! Each cup is placed in the ground 15 feet apart. Score 3 points for in the cup, 2 points for over the edge of the cup, and 1 point for landing within one washer width from the inside of the cup. First player(s) to 21 wins!

Complete outdoor washer toss game set contains: 2 - Blue Discs 2 - Red Discs 2 - PVC cups 1 - Carrying case 1 - Set of rules

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