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Ladder Toss Double Ladder Ball Game

Ladder Toss Double Ladder Ball Game

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This beautifully crafted wooden ladder ball set will make the perfect addition to your next outdoor event. Each comes with 2 durable finished wood frames and rungs with built-in scorekeepers, 6 real golf ball bolas (3 red, 3 blue) for two teams, high strength nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport, and easy-to-learn game instructions.

To play the ladder toss game, first set up each ladder 15 feet apart. Ladder Ball is played with two teams of 1-2 players per team. If playing in teams of two, a player from each team stands beside each ladder frame. For example: Team A, Player 1 and Team B, Player 1 stand beside Ladder A; Team B, Player 2 and Team A, Player 2 stand beside Ladder B.

Ladder Ball is played in rounds, each round consists of both teams tossing 3 bolas. The first player tosses their bola, then the player from the opposing team (standing by the same ladder) tosses their bola. This continues until all bolas are tossed. Bolas must be tossed individually underhanded and can be bounced off the ground.

In Ladder Toss, points are awarded for bolas that wrap completely around a ladder rung. 3 points for the top rung, 2 points for the middle rung, and 1 point for the bottom rung. One team scores at the end of each round. The score is taken as the difference of each team’s points for that round. For example, Team A had one bola around the middle rung (2 points) and one bola around the top rung (3 points) for a total of 5 points; Team B had two bolas around the bottom rung (1 point each = 2 points). The score for this round is 5 – 2 = 3 points for Team A. The team that scored the last round begins tossing the next round.

The team that scores exactly 21 points at the end of a round wins. If any team goes over 21 points at the end of a round, their points do not count for said round and play continues.

Our ladder ball set is easy to set up and easy to transport in a convenient carrying case. Perfect for getting everyone outside and active.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
jordan clemons
stressed ladder

i bought this game last week at rural king after opening the game i noticed there was a crack going straight up the leg the quality seemed great just a 1/1000 chance and i was the one lol i never returned it i live to far away to do that it still works and i love playing it with the family

Fantastic customer service

Awesome game, even better customer service. I broke one of the parts so I contacted yardgames and they took very good care of me. Thank you!

Cheryle Crabtree
Love the Ladder Toss - Need balls

We love the Ladder Toss game, have played about 6-7 separate times, however, each of the ball and string sets, one blue and one red, have come apart; the string broke and have had a hard time finding the same type of rope (string) to replace. Would like to order a full set of replacement balls, since I am sure it will happen to the others.
Thank you

Great game. But yardgames needs to sell parts

Great game. Very fun for 2-4. But the nylon between the blue balls busted after a month of use. Could not find a replacement set on the site.

Ladder Toss

So I cannot review the product as I have not received it yet. I ordered it 10 days ago and a shipping label was created but it has yet to be shipped. I have emailed them twice now trying to find out the status of my order and have yet to receive a response. So while I’m unsure if the product is of good quality or not, I can say that the service leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure if I’d recommend this product or website to others at this point, which is sad as I was really excited about this product.
Update— The product finally arrived and I am really impressed by its quality! It is an excellent set and despite how long it took to get, I’d order from yard games again knowing the quality of product you receive. Just know when you order it will take 2-3 weeks to receive, but is worth the wait.