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Murbles Standard 7 Ball Travel Bocce Ball Game

Murbles Standard 7 Ball Travel Bocce Ball Game

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Murbles is the lightweight Bocce ball game that is fun for the whole family. Just like Bocce but more exciting with lighter balls and a pallino that can be knocked around. Murbles is like a travel bocce ball set but it's an American made outdoor family game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages.

Murbles are easy to play, easy to see and easy to score. Simply toss the point ball into play, then alternate turns trying to get your game balls as close as you can to the point ball. The player with one or more Murbles closest to the point ball wins the points. It is just that easy! There is no court required, nothing to set up just dump the ball out of the canvas Murble bag and you're in the game. To make the game more changeling, use the obstacles in the terrain to your advantage.

The standard 7-ball Murbles game set weights in at about 5 pounds, making it a totable game easy to take to the beach, park, camping, tailgating or just out in the backyard. All of the Murbles are the same size, 3 inches in diameter with a unit weight of about 1/2 pound each. The balls are made of high density poly plastic that provides durability, good ball action and their buoyant, just in case one gets tossed into water.

The standard Murble set is designed for 2 players, 4 if you alternate players like when playing Horseshoes. Murbles are sized right so smaller hands and older shoulders can both enjoy playing the game. The 7-Ball Murbles game is made for players 8 years old and up. Murbles come in an array of school colors and have a matching heavy duty canvas drawstring bag with the game rules permanently printed right on the back of the bag.

Murbles are made to last a lifetime and will provide a lifetime of fun for your family and friends. Get your set today!!!

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