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Lighted Bocce Ball Set


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This unique Lighted Bocce Ball set comes with everything 2 to 4 players need to play Bocce Ball into the night.

These official size 107mm Bocce Balls glow in the dark and are made from a hard plastic material that is translucent which allows the LED light to illuminate the entire ball. In this night time yard game, simply push the water resistant button to turn on and your light-up bocce ball set will glow into the night.

LIGHTED BOCCE BALL SET COMES WITH: 2 107mm Red LED Glowing Balls, 2 107mm Yellow LED Glowing Balls, 2 107mm Green LED Glowing Balls, 2 107mm Blue LED Glowing Balls, 1 50mm White LED Glowing Pallina, 1 High quality nylon case with storage areas, 2 sets of batteries (1 installed and 1 spare set), Instructions and Bocce Ball rules, Measuring tape and measuring string.

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